How long do I have to cancel my order?

You just purchased your order congrats!  Thinking about canceling the order after getting some cold feet?  No worries this is possible to do but please be warned there is a 10% non-refundable restocking fee/penalty when you cancel between the FIRST 12 hours.  We incur transaction fees on processing your payment, and on refunding your payment, plus may have already sent a confirmation to get your model processed and ready between 12 hours - these are the reasons for this non-refundable transaction fee.

Did you just order a doll in stock or online and it has been MORE THAN 12 hours? 

No worries we can still get this refunded for you but it would come with a 30% restocking fee. At this point, we have paid the factory for your doll and will be forced to take it whether or not manufacturing has begun or not. (i.e. Imagine if you placed the order, are waiting for or already confirmed the photos then canceled for an example. Primarily the restocking fee involves any orders that follow a 12 hour period since the time of order.). Please be sure before placing any order!

Did the superstar model ALREADY ARRIVE at your home but you did NOT cut the security tape?

No worries at all for orders in Canada, we can still get this refunded for you but it does come with a minimum 50% restocking fee with everything considered. If, however, you opened the box, we can not consider a return and if we make an exception we will have to use analytical testing for various fluids (at great expense), so the restocking fee will be a minimum of 50% on open-box returns if at all accepted. As well, please note that orders for purchased destined outside Canada are all FINAL SALE without exception.

For official guidelines on our Friendly Return Policy, please visit the link below. Our official Terms & Conditions of sale must be read, acknowledged and agreed to before placing your order - this step is mandatory and a link will appear with these terms before checking out. Please make SURE to read this, and ask us if you have questions.

Friendly Return Policy:

Terms & Conditions of Sale:

Need more help? Send us an email or chat to us live so we can respond to you asap. 

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