Which heads are interchangeable?

There has been some talk about changing one style of model heads from another not just in the matter of the same brand but other brands having that ability as well which is just simply VERY TRUE! 

There is an exchange you can get between two different styles of heads between these two brands - in this case the skin tones will match exactly as they are made in the same factory (YL Doll and WM Doll). This may not always be the case. Some heads are not compatible with other bodies.

YL dolls: 

WM dolls:

 The trick to changing any of the removeable head models is the threaded bolt in the neck.  Each one has a removeable threaded bolt in the neck after you the remove the head.  However some newer models have the snap on bolt instead which basically is the same except this one has ball bearings on the bolt as well as a threaded bolt.  So long as the head is removeable you are good to go but for some models just chat with us first to double check.

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