Preventing Online Fraud

In order to protect our customers, there are steps we must take at Sex Doll America before completing an order, especially those paid by credit card.

Here are a few important steps we take whenever a credit card is used, or when our fraud analysis software flags an order as being potentially fraudulent:

  • Did the billing address enter match what the credit card company had on file?
    This is sometimes called the AVS, or Address Verification System. If this does not match, we will have to contact you for additional information to verify that you are the account holder.
  • Do the billing address and shipping address match?
    If not, and especially if the name of the recipient at the shipping address is different than the person paying for the purchase, we will have to ask for proof of identity from the credit card or account holder and something linking the person paying for the purchase to the shipping address, such as a utility bill, etc. We may require additional steps to verify this information as well.
  • Is an international credit card being used differently than the shipping or billing address?
    This is also considered a "red flag" and may cause our system to flag your order as potentially fraudulent

These are some examples of situations that may set off our fraud analysis software which flags potentially fraudulent purchases. In these cases, we will be required to collect information directly from the person who paid for the order (i.e. the credit card holder) which may include identification.

This information is only shared with management of SD America and is only kept on file for six (6) months, after which time it is destroyed.

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