Payment Plans and Financing

SD America directly offers all our customers (Canada, US, EU, and the UK) a layaway plan. Please note that we no longer offer payment plans/financing.

What is a Layaway Plan?

A layaway plan is where you make a deposit on a doll, we begin manufacturing that doll (to save you time), and then before the doll ships to you, we receive the balance. For some models, we can accept as low as a 50% deposit, and for some, we may require up to 75%. It depends on the options you are choosing and how commonly that doll is purchased. The maximum duration of a layaway plan should not be more than three (3) months at maximum, but we prefer that you make your deposit only when you think you will be able to pay the balance in 4-6 weeks.

Please note that for In-Stock products, from the time your deposit is received, the maximum layaway time is two (2) months (time from order being placed until doll ships or is picked-up). Deposits are non-refundable for In-Stock products and are forfeited if the order is not canceled, or fulfilled/completed within two (2) months. Order cancellation is still subject to the Friendly Return Policy.

What are Financing / Payment Plans?

SD Canada unfortunately does NOT offer any financing or payment plans. This is different than a layaway plan, which is offered. Financing, or a payment plan, is where based on your credit you are approved to make a deposit, receive the product and then continue to make payments until the balance is paid.

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