What clothes are best to dress a doll with?

Before dressing a doll in any new material/fabric, including a wig, make sure to thoroughly wash it first as you may stain the doll's TPE skin. Then, to be safe, allow this fabric to contact the doll's skin in an inconspicuous area, such as the bottom of the feet, for a day or so before dressing the doll. This is the safest way to prevent staining the TPE! Even a leather or vinyl chair, if very new or with a dye that easily comes off, can stain the doll's TPE skin.

The clothes that are best to dress your doll with revolve around the world of a tie on's.   There is a good reason for this. 

Enya's here baby

Some of the clothes you see are specific poses at specific times and not every day all the time type of clothing.  Ah felt good to let that cat out the bag!  Now the clothes you do want are good because they're light and don't damage the TPE's skin. Also, there is an ease of use when dressing your model in a dress than there would be with tight skinny jeans and a fancy top, which stain or hurt the skin. 

Just for Her

Pick up the item above you or discover more like them here! You'll notice we offer one size fits most and easy to fit on clothing. This is what is most suitable for beginners or first-time doll buyers!

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