What is the EVO Skeleton?

There are a few major advantages to the EVO Skeleton, offered exclusively by DollForever for their brands (including Piper Doll):

1. Shoulders can Shrug
 - The shoulders being able to shrug provides a more realistic experience, giving a new look to the beautiful model in different positions.
2. The spine will lean Left and Right
- More flexibility in the spine which helps in the hot and creative "intimate" times desired by doll lovers worldwide. Most conventional skeletons can only bend forwards and backward.
   It helps with storage and overall longevity of the model with the spine having more give to be able to be stored properly. 
3. Legs will Bend Downwards to Touch Buttocks
- Think of all the "yoga poses" you can do with that beautiful model in mind you have.
4.  Legs will Bend into W Position
- This is a more modern innovation to the structural ability of the models allowing more give from the gate of the hips enabling better control for seated positions.  The doll can also perform a position known as the "Asian Squat"
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