Shipments to PO Boxes

During our time helping our fellow doll lovers get what they ordered, we do come across the odd request here or there to see whether or not we can ship to  PO Box addresses, and is it discreet?

To keep it simple, yes we do ship to PO boxes but only via Purolator (an additional fee shipping option). Canpar Ground does not service PO Box addresses.

However, if your “PO Box” is at a shipping center, such as a UPS Store, this can be used as it is not a standard Canada Post PO Box.

Please also check with your PO Box service to see if they take large parcels which may be between 60-150 lbs. (add up to 30 lbs. of packaging onto the weight of your doll and 60 lbs. if it contains a flight case (we have a link to our travel cases here).  Not every PO location will accept packages this large.

Please ensure that you provide us with the exact, correct shipping address. Having the right address in your original order helps prevent shipping errors.  

Need more assistance?  Feel free to send us an email or better yet message us on chat so we can help ASAP.

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